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Destruction warlock spell rotation cata

Destruction warlock spell rotation cata

Destruction Warlock Spell Rotation (Cata).
The Warlocks Den
Well, the 4.0.6 (and all Cata) rotations are a lot trickier than they ever were. Frankly this video is the only place so far I've seen where you get to

Destruction Warlock Spell Rotation.

Introduction The purpose of this thread is to discuss the theory-crafting behind the Destruction warlock. This thread is targeted at serious raiders.
a brief tutorial on Destruction Warlock spell priority. NOTE: for added effectiveness add both [Curse of Elements] and [Bane of Doom] before you start with

Today the patch finally went live on EU realms as well, meaning that everyone now should have their updated Warlocks. As mentioned previously we’ve had quite a few

Elitist Jerks Warlock Destruction Rotation

Destruction Warlock Spell Rotation for.

Destruction in Cataclysm (4.3 Release).

Destruction warlock spell rotation cata

Dots and you: The Affliction Warlock. Best Destruction Warlock DPS .