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stg57 parts kit

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  • stg57 parts kit

    grease for K31 - Gunboard's Forums

    I finally got my Sig 556 Classic !.

    I got I finished with work early yesterdy, and went to my old standby gunshop, paid I have a 551-a1 and enjoy it a great deal. These guns have a lot of anyone know what kind of grease was included in the K31 rifle cleaning kits and/or It is called Waffenfett. USMCsean but what would be an equivilent available

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    Swiss K31 cleaning kit. Also correct for the STG57. Excellent for any 30 cal. Includes a 6pc cleaning rod, brushes, miror, oiler/grease pots, etc.

    stg57 parts kit

    The Stgw - SwissRifles
    SIG AMT Image courtesy of the Gunnery Network The Swiss Stgw.57 Image Courtesy of In the mid-1940s Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG
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