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vpn android cisco

Cisco Communities : What is release time.

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Issue 3902: Feature Request: "pure" ipsec vpn client (cisco-compatible) 6464 people starred this issue. Comments by non-members will not trigger notification
HI. I am using a Motorola Xoom Wifi only. The updated VPN (built-in) with ICS still won't talk to our Cisco VPN . since we do the Group/secret thing.
Issue 3902 - android - Feature Request:.
Many of us are, but from what I can gather there are some issues with Google allowing the VPN client on their android operating system.

vpn android cisco

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Cisco Communities : I'm salivating for a.

Tested on: Rooted G1 (clean JesusFreke v1.51 US image) Prerequisites: VPN connection settings or a pcf file; If you need to decrypt enc_GroupPwd from pcf, Linux box Cisco Vpn -

vpn android cisco

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Issue 3902 - android - Feature Request:. VPN T U Ilmenau Connect to Cisco ASA 8.2 VPN with Android.
  • Issue 3902 - android - Feature Request:.

  • I am trying to configure my Cisco ASA 5510 running software version 8.2 to allow my Droid X to connect via L2TP/IPSec VPN. I have configured the DefaultRAGroup like so: